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Over the years, the Cezars brand has grown to become a leader in the food service industry throughout Japan and now we are planning to do the same in Malaysia. Our different divisions share one fundamental, basic recipe; a commitment to unparalleled customer service through a customizable, community approach. Adhering to this recipe has set us apart from our competition in Asia and led us to serves hundreds of thousands, from school lunches to restaurants, from corporate dinning to hotel management services.


From 3 years old through high school, we play an important role in developing our children for success. Well balanced nutrition and quality, with the support of dietitians.

We fully believe that the food you put into your body will have a direct relationship to the quality of your child’s education. Our team is committed to provide our schools, from international school to universities with food and services that support with strengthen their body and mind, while promoting lifelong healthy eating habits.

We work with schools to provide nutritious, fresh food from all over the world. We manage food service programs for clients which seek something different, something unique and something that fits their culture.

Business & Industry

We deliver customized solutions to business, industry and government. Our offered food services range from employee restaurants, cafes and a wide range of catering services.

Whether your business is listed on the Fortune 500 or a new start-up company, our team is dedicated to delivering your employees with exceptional quality food and beverages. We take to heart that you’re allowing us the responsibility to provide your employees with the nourishment that ultimately leads to a healthy, more productive work environment.

Allow our team of chefs from around the world to brighten your lunch room with the flavors and passion of authentic, innovative and nutritious foods that will enrich your employees dining experience.


We offer a full range of catering services to support your specific needs. From board meetings to high school graduation receptions, Cezars Catering is ready to make your special event memorable.

From morning office meetings to large sporting events, no event is too small or too large. From elegant canapé and cocktail receptions to banquets and buffets, we can do it all. From private dinner parties for friends and family to a relaxing summer garden BBQ party in the park for your staff, let us manage the planning and execution. Cezars Kitchen is ready to make your special day a huge success.

You can rely on our wealth of experience, passion, innovated dishes and friendly, no hassle service to your event. We’re dedicated to making your occasion the best, from beginning to end, that’s our promise!

Kitchen Design & Consulting

When it comes to building the most efficient kitchen and planning the perfect cafeteria, our professionals will make the difference.

When it comes to building the most efficient kitchen and planning the perfect cafeteria, our professionals will make the difference. Regardless of your country or location, our team is willing and able to put a plan together that will fit your particular needs.

Serving as the liaison between the ownership/school administration, general contractor and building architect, we can assist with all aspects of the project from cost estimating, kitchen/cafeteria design to pre-opening, turnover and installation and testing of kitchen equipment.