Akbar Dadabayev

Regional Director


As a child, Akbar was a scholar athlete, following in his father’s footsteps, who was a champion wrestler for U.S.S.R. As a youth, he balanced his time in the classroom and on the field, even spending two years as a semi-professional soccer player.

He came to Japan for his Honeymoon and fell in love with the culture, so he enrolled in a Master’s program at Kyushu University. Fast forward to 2003, Akbar joins Cezars International KK, parent company of Cezars Kitchen, working as a restaurant manager. His kind demeanor and approachable attitude made him a standout leader, catching the eye of Phil.

In 2013, Akbar was promoted to Operations Manager, Chubu Area and Head of Cezars Café Brand. He uses all the accumulated experience, built up over the past 14 years with Cezars, from his various roles to support his communities as a brand ambassador. In Akbar’s simple, yet straight to the point words, “Our customers comes first”, an approach that has been him and Cezars Kitchen a success story.

Email: akbar@cezarskitchen.com