Daniel Devadason

Operations Manager


Daniel had immersed himself in the F&B industry for the last 26 years as he started as a waiter at the age of 16 to earn extra pocket money during school holidays. This spurred his interest in the hospitality and F&B world as he was fascinated by the happiness and comfort felt by customers when served with delicious food prepared and served with sincerity.

Joining Hyatt International upon completing his tertiary education in Hotel Management was the beginning of his career in the hotel industry. An opportunity to work onboard an international cruise ship with Genting Cruise Lines knocked on his door and he grabbed it. He then climbed up the management career ladder and spent the next fifteen years managing and working with a team of multinational crew engaging in services and public relations orientated in the hospitality industries in a cruise ship setting. Daniel has traveled around the world for both work and leisure and always looks forward to indulging in their authentic local cuisines and delicacies.

After decades of working across the ocean, destiny led him home back on the soil of Malaysia and to the Cezars family!  One of Daniel’s philosophies in life is being mindful of what one eats and the fresh and healthy ingredients that go into one’s body.


Email: daniel.d@cezarskitchen.com