Phillip Smith

Chief Business Development Officer


With two decades of leadership in the food service industry, Phillip wrote the book on operational excellence. He began his food service career back in 1990 while in High School with the Denny’s restaurant chain as a dishwasher. In college, Phillip worked as cook while balancing his college studies and earning a degree in Business Management. A long the way, he joined the Bon Appetite Management Company and served in several leadership roles and various venues for a total of five years.

After that, Phillip continue his operational journey and became a general manager of a café for two years before being recruited to Jamba Juice Corporation where he served as a Training General Manager for six years, having the responsibility to develop general managers for various markets around America.

Phillip joined the Cezars family back in January 2007. With his forward thinking, attention to details and commitment to operational excellence and customer focus, Cezars has continued to show positive growth under his leadership.