Rina Nazir

Marketing Designer


Rina was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur. Having living in a metropolitan city exposed her to advanced new technologies everyday. She is also a gifted artist. With those two interests combine, she decided to pursue in Graphics and Multimedia Studies from University Tenaga Nasional (Uniten), Malaysia.

Rina’s first working experience was with a startup IT company as a 3D designer. She was also been exposed to administration duties while working with them. Feeling unsatisfied with lack of designing works been done, Rina then search for new opportunity. Her lucky break came when Cezars Kitchen took her under its wing.

At Cezars Kitchen, Rina is tasks to design marketing items such as posters, menu boards, brochures and also helps with cafeteria designs and planning. She is also our designated social media connoisseur. As part of Cezars’s outreach program, we always share our activities and also nutrition facts in the social media and Rina is the person responsible with those task.

Email: rina@cezarskitchen.com