Thomas Szabo

Corporate Executive Chef


Chef Thomas began his journey in Eastern Europe where food is part of religion, where good bread is an essential part of every dinner table. The call to culinary started as a love of the loaf that lead chef Thomas into bakeries and kitchens looking for the key of culinary success.

Soon after getting his culinary degree in the late 90’s, chef Thomas challenged himself to a discovery-tour around the world searching for that same ‘key’ or expression of love that he knew as a child. After five years of cooking his way through Germany, France and Spain, it finally dawned on him that cooking is an art, as such there no one ‘key’, that every chef can create his culinary masterpiece in his individual, unique way and passion is one unifying brush.

Quickly raising through the ranks, Chef Thomas became Chef de Cuisine on the Walt Disney Cruise Line worldwide. Seven years of travelling across the globe and tasting culinary masterpieces from every corner of the world he gained invaluable experience and knowledge, which lead him to Asia, mother of all cuisines.

“Made with Love” slogan invited chef Thomas to Cezars, as the company’s Corporate Executive Chef, he oversees all aspects of culinary operations and chefs. His long journey of searching for the ‘key’ for culinary success has prepared him for his current position.

When it comes to food, in his own words chef Thomas is a “Maximalist, full of passion and attention to details.”