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Since starting our food services, we have been continually striving to educate ourselves, our students, the parents, and school staff about wellness and nutrition. There is a direct link between a child’s nutrition, physical activity level, and academic achievement. A growing body of knowledge indicates that children have poorer classroom performance, increased behavioral problems, lower test scores, and low self-confidence when nutritional quality is low. As a result, Cezars Kitchen school lunch services focus on healthy choices that can set students up for success both in and outside the classroom.

Children who eat school lunches are more likely to:

  1. consume foods from all five food groups
  2. have higher nutritional intakes
  3. eat two times as much dairy and twice as much fruit
  4. eat seven times as many vegetables
  5. consume fewer calories from fat
  6. consume adequate amounts of problem nutrients such as protein, calcium, iron, and Vitamins A and C

New initiatives for improving children’s nutrition have emerged all over the world in the past 5 years. Cezars Kitchen has always made it a goal to expand our efforts and actively promote school wellness. From healthy, nutritious, affordable school lunches, to smart snacking options, a varied breakfast menu, and monthly menu changes, we are making great strides to provide youth with appealing foods with high nutritional quality.

Cezars Kitchen is also working in closer collaboration with school administrators and staff and encouraging more parents to become wellness advocates. Through more child centered nutrition activities such as special menus, interactive school bulletin boards, and school activities, Cezars Kitchen hopes to empower students, as well as adults, to make intelligent food choices for the future.